Wastewater Collection System Asset Management Program | Monroe, NC


Work was performed to established a comprehensive wastewater collection system asset management program for the City of Monroe using:

  • System inventory and condition assessment using GIS, asset inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring, and CCTV.
  • Prioritized asset repair/replacement based on inspection results, PACP scores, asset age/materials, flow monitoring, and known problem areas.
  • A combination of internal staff and contractor work was used for:
  • Pipe bursting VCP gravity mains using fusible PVC and HDPE
  • Annual “find and fix” contracts with CIPP lining technology
  • Manhole rehabilitation and other point repairs
  • A long-term goal was established to replace up to 1% of the system horizontal pipe assets each year, equating to a 100-year useful life

With a proactive approach using internal and contracted resources, the City was able to meet the challenge of replacing aging infrastructure while keeping improvement costs low and avoiding added rate increases to system customers.