Venture Realty Group, Dragas Companies, Chesapeake Regional Medical, Breeden Investment Properties | Chesapeake, VA

American Engineering was the lead planner and engineer for Edinburgh Commons which is the Hampton Roads area’s fastest growing neighborhoods. This development includes retail centers, single-family residential neighborhoods, medical office buildings, and multi-family apartments.

American Engineering helped shepherd many of the project elements through the planning approval process with the City of Chesapeake. Our team also provided surveying, detailed design engineering for many of the retail areas and overall roadway and infrastructure elements. To make the entire project fit together, the overall engineering plan had to be well conceived.

One of the elements of the general area included Dragas Companies’ Hickory Manor residential community. This property will offer a total of 500 homes with three different home sizes and types on 125-acres.

Within Edinburgh, Hampton Roads developer Breeden went against conventional strategies by building a multifamily apartment community in the southern end. Apartments had been traditionally built in areas closer to urban centers, but the success of Red Knot Apartments showed that the presence of good schools, thoughtful design and numerous retail options would be a good fit in a suburban mixed-use development