Fieldstone Subdivision | Chesapeake, VA

American Engineering is leading rezoning, civil engineering design, infrastructure design, which includes new sanitary sewer lines and water lines for the new 154 lot subdivision located on Elbow Road, in Chesapeake, VA.

This project involved numerous challenges with the capacities of the existing systems.  Extending the Centerville Turnpike 12” water main by 3,000 linear feet required detailed hydraulic modeling reports. A new pump station was designed that would serve future developments along this corridor.  Additional challenges included designing to avoid conflict with the existing 48” and 16” HRSD force mains which run parallel to Elbow Road, and an intricate tie-in to the HRSD force main approximately 800 feet east of the property.
The following elements were critical to the success of this project:

  • High-quality data gathering (survey, existing utilities, wetlands, existing right-of-way)
  • Insightful thinking, grounded in a solid knowledge of field practice, on key design issues such as alignments, future planning, and working with the existing infrastructure.
  • Attention to details in matters such as field locating the 48” HRSD force main at all utility crossings was critical to avoid conflicts during construction.