Kalas Falls | Rolesville, NC

In Wake County’s growing town of Rolesville, American Engineering is finalizing the design and permitting of a 454-lot single-family subdivision with a future townhome phase. The creative design specifically highlights three onsite waterfalls. This 282-acre development includes seven residential product types, laid out to accommodate the natural topography amid extensive open space.  Two major streams, a public greenway, open play fields, preserved woodlands, and tot lots and pocket parks contribute to one-third of the site.​

Challenges included extensions and replacement of offsite utilities which presented required acquiring easements from homeowners. The development also required the approval of four different reviewing agencies. Through consistent communication and outreach efforts, the team was able to secure all easements from the homeowners and approval from the agencies. While the 2.1 units per acre density was higher than is often approved, Council ultimately supported the development based on the stellar reputation of Preston Development, the quality of the layout, and its conformance with the recently adopted Town Land Use Plan.​