American Engineering always keeps client service and responsiveness a top priority.

Creating a great property starts with the site. Meeting zoning requirements, maximizing parking, ensuring stormwater management compliance, and creating a place that is welcoming, efficient, and cost-effective to build, are all the critical focus of American Engineering. Our civil engineers focus both on the technical elements of a project to ensure a great design, but always keep client service and responsiveness as a top priority.

  • Civil / Site Permitting / Design

  • Rezoning, Planning and Entitlement Management

  • Roadway Design

  • Site Master Plans – Land Development

  • Stormwater Management / Modeling

  • Utility Coordination

  • LEED® Certifications

  • Water / Sewer Design

  • Erosion / Sediment Control Design and Inspection

  • Project Management / Construction Management

  • As Civil Engineers, we create and build the world around us. At American Engineering we take this responsibility seriously. Our experienced, dedicated team of engineers and technicians is proud to serve our community by providing our clients, both public and private, with well thought out, efficient designs.

    Sharon D. Hoel, P.E.

    Civil Department Manager