Old Town Storage Tank Replacement | Kill Devil Hills, NC

This project includes the replacement of one of the Town’s aging elevated water storage tanks with a new 400,000-gallon pedesphere elevated storage tank.  The new tank provides almost double the storage capacity of the older tank.  The new tank will be installed approximately 100 feet west of the existing tank, behind the existing fire station located at the intersection of US 158 and 2nd Street.  Also included with the project is the installation of 42” and 60” storm drainage pipe and the construction of a new 179’-high monopole for cellular providers.

The project site had limited area to install the new tank while keeping the existing tank in service during construction.  The new tank had to be installed within an NCDOT drainage easement between the back of the fire station and Meekins Athletic Field, which contained an existing 42” arch CMP drainage pipe.  This drainage pipe conveys a large amount of stormwater from neighborhoods and commercial areas north and west of the site.  To keep the existing drainage system functioning during construction and to satisfy NCDOT, a 60” pipe system was installed in front and south of the fire station prior to construction of the new tank.  This 60” pipe system, in addition to replacing the existing 42” CMP with stronger PP (polypropylene) pipe  increased pipe capacity of the system by approximately four times, which satisfied the needs of NCDOT and helps with town drainage.  We also had to coordinate closely with NCDOT to vacate the existing drainage easement and dedicate a new easement for the 60” pipe system.

Also, there are several cellular antennas at the top of the existing water tank.  These antennas will need to remain in service during tank construction.  In addition, the town requested to not install these antennas at the top of the new tank.  A 179’-high monopole will be installed at the project site to house these cellular antennas.  Design of the monopole included close coordination with the FAA and SHPO, as well as on-site service providers including Verizon and AT&T.